30 May 2008

Suction cups don't suck.

Every 2-4 years I'm seduced by the suction cup's purported magical ability to stick without any adhesives or fasteners wherever one places it.

The problem is this: THEY NEVER EVER STAY.

In my pursuit to make the chore of shaving less of a chore, I recently purchased a fog-free mirror that goes in the shower.

I've always been intrigued by the idea of shaving in the shower. Less messy, seems quicker, etc. If there's any way to cut a minute or two from the morning routine, therefore adding cherished minutes of glorious sleep, I'm all for it.

The fact that all it would take is a little slip of the fingers, some fairly reliable gravitational pull and a some bad luck for the razor to have a nasty run in with my... ummm... junk definitely adds an element of danger. Even WITH the with the protective, rubbery edge that's supposed to "raise and lift my beard" I'm not completely comfy with the situation. Especially when you consider the razor is the a Super Stealth Mach 9 Turbo, with 10 blades. That's just tempting fate!

But, I live on the edge.

So, I went for it. Bought a fog-free mirror for shaving in the shower. It has a reservoir behind the mirror that ya fill up with warm water to keep the mirror from fogging. It slowly leaks out so that it doesn't get moldy and disgusting. THAT part worked great.

But the suction cups? Not so much.

I scrubbed the tile before sticking. A couple hours later, mirror fell.
I moistened the suction cups as directed. Same result.
I tried to go dry. Didn't work.
I tried with both surfaces soaked. Nope.
I thought maybe I have some exceptionally porous shower tile. So, I tried to stick them to a mirror. I later returned only to find the suction cups on the floor once again.

Bottom line: While suction cups SEEM like they're super-fucking cool, they really suck. But not enough. Which means they SUCK!

That's all I'm sayin.

02 May 2008

Relationships are so silly sometimes.

A quote from one of my best friends in reference to his ex-girlfriend.

"I could make her a big ol' bed of satisfaction and she would lie down right beside it."

12 April 2008

Urine smells.

I want to be an environmentalist. I really do.

So, if "it's yellow," I try to "let it mellow."

But then the bathroom tends to stink the next time I have to piss. It reminds me of the scent in the bathroom of the basement in my grandparents' house in rural southwestern Minnesota. Even though they didn't follow the environmenalist's flushing guidelines.

Oddly, I didn't have a problem with it there. But I do here.

(NOTE: This is not my or my grandparents actual toilet. FYI.)

29 March 2008

The problem with Obama/Clinton

Choosing Clinton as a running mate might be a sound strategic idea for Obama. Clinton appears to offer a wealth of experience in the machinations of Washington. She seems to bring great knowledge in many domestic and foreign policy affairs. She also apparently will carry half of the Democratic party with her.

This is also a drag.

Choosing Clinton as his running mate would appear to be a political decision. The complete opposite of everything Obama's candidacy has stood for.

Therefore, it weakens a great strength – that he does what he believes is right for the country. Choosing Clinton would be doing the same thing that Democrats always seem to do – the safe, opinion-poll, focus-grouped, death-by-vanilla overdose.

I hope he chooses someone else. If, for nothing else, than to maintain at least the APPEARANCE of sincerity. Something that Clinton, in my opinion, shed long, long ago.

14 February 2008

Louis XIV, Hot Hot Heat & Editors at House of Blues, 13 February 2008

Show was a-ok.

Hot Hot Heat opened and I arrived to catch their last four songs. They put on a good show. High energy. Tight sound for what it is. The place wasn't packed yet. But close. Crowd was really into them. The show was sold out by the time I picked up my ticket at Will Call. Unfortunately, I didn't hear my fav song from HHH "Middle of Nowhere." But all in all they did a great job of firing the joint up. And there was quite a roar of support when they wrapped up their set and the curtain fell.

Editors headlined. Sound was good. Definitely tight. Some of their fans were REALLY into them. By far the most supportive of the night, naturally. But the music isn't my taste. I caught three songs before heading out.

Louis XIV was good. Surprisingly lacksadaisacal at first, however. Then again, I think that's kind of their schtick. The two main players looked a little like they were Amish in training – both with full beards, vests and one with a tall black hat.

When you break it down, more than anything else, Louis XIV are great storytellers. Unfortunately, I think their story "I AM the center of the universe" can get a little stale occasionally. The novelty seems to have worn a bit for me. So, it's a little off-putting in one of their new songs when they sing, "Two, Four, Six, Eight! Who do you appreciate! ME ME ME ME!" That said, I think their new album is a nice evolution from their previous. When I heard their first album, I thought "It's good. But is it a sound that'll be out-dated in a couple years?" And I THINK they've done a good job of avoiding that. It's definitely the same band. But they've evolved. In fact, they had two violin players with them on stage adding a lot to the songs, and giving the lead singer – Jason Hill – a string section to conduct. Which he did throughout the show with large, expressive and fluid arm motions.

All in all, I'm definitely a fan. I really like what they've done and are doing. I think their songs in terms of both production and progressions have evolved and grown. But I feel like their STORY could use some evolution and growth as well.

Louis XIV will be back to HOB April 10. I think they're headlining that one. I plan on going.

10 February 2008

Help yourself to a seat, Democrat.

If Democrats keep worrying about "America's standing in the world" they're gonna get knocked on their asses this fall.

The majority of Americans don't give a rat's ass about our "standing in the world." In fact, the whole idea of worrying about our perception feels, at once, insecure and egotistical.

I'm not saying how we are perceived doesn't matter. I believe it does. A lot. But the people who run the campaigns for Obama and Clinton need to remind the constituents WHY it matters.

We need friends in this world because it keeps us safer. It makes tracking down "evil-doers" less daunting. And less expensive!

But until Democrats connect those dots, to the average Joe it just sounds like they're worrying about the wrong things.

At least, that's how I see it today. Tomorrow, who knows?